Local festivities and markets

      Local festivities are celebrated with joy and tradition in the villages of Urdaibai. Rural sports, Basque dances, live music, markets with local products… are usual in these celebrations. Some of the most known festivities and past traditions are “Madalenas” in Elantxobe and Bermeo; “Andramaris” in Bermeo; Carnival in Mundaka or the last Monday of October Market in Guernica.

February: 2nd, La Candelaria, Barrio de Miku, Bermeo.

2nd, Las Candelas; 4th Santa Ageda;  Carnaval.Gernika

April: Bombing commemoration,Gernika.

May: 1st, Fiestas de Lorategieta, Gernika. 15th, San Isidro en Murueta

June:23th, 24th, San Juanes, Barrio de Arene, Bermeo.

29th, San Pedro, Lumo.

29th, Fiestas de San Pedro y San Pablo,Mundaka.

July: 10th, San Cristóbal en Busturia.16th, El Carmen, Barrio de Mañu,Bermeo.

August:5th, Las Nieves en el barrio de Paresi de Busturia. 16th, San Roque, La Tala, Bermeo.

9-13th, San Lorenzo, Lumo. 15th, Andra Mari en Murueta

14-20th, San Roque en Gernika; 23-25th, San Bartolomé,en Busturia.

September:8th, Almikeko Ama, Barrio de Almike; 9th Andra Mariko eguna; 30th Ander Deuna, Bermeo. 29th, San Miguel en el barrio de Altamira de Busturia.

December:16 to 24th, Marijeses, they are songs sung during the Christmas Season, particularly Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Guernica.